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Spray on Bed Liners Toledo, Ohio


Bullet Liner Heavy Duty Spray on Truck Bed Liners truck Accessory , now part of Accella’s Polyurethane Systems Division, a visionary leader in the polyurethane products space, leverages a technology foundation that has been decades in the making. The result: HIGH CALIBER PROTECTION in the form of an impenetrable, sealant system that has become the Spray-on Truck Bed Liner Industry Gold Standard.


Our lifetime warranty guarantees superior protection for your vehicle and it will not flake, bubble or crack, no matter what extremes its exposed to, for as long as you own your vehicle.

Specialty Spray on Liner Coating Applications



Truck Beds, Rocker Panels, Brush Guards, Fenders, Wheel Wells, Mirror Housing.


Fenders, Wheel Wells, Floor Pan, Brush Guards, Mirror Housing Lights.


Wheel Wells, Trailer Body, Hitch Supports, Fenders, Flooring, Trailer Gate.


Equipment Deck, Wheel Wells, Tool Box, Gates, Fender, Mirror Housing.


Truck Beds, Equipment Decks, Fenders, Rocker Panels, Tool Boxes, Mirror Housing.


 Boat Deck, Metal or Aluminum Boats, Air Boat Cage, Boat Hull, Boat Trailer, Boat Trim.


Work Boots, Sign Housing, Water Tight Surfaces, Lamp Post or Railings, Steps, Deck Flooring, Coolers.


Spray on Bed Liners - Truck Accessories - Specialty Automotive - Protective Coatings


ATV and Off-Roaders

Bullet Liner’s spray-on truck bed liner forms a sealed finish that provides protection against the most rugged abrasion Mother Nature can throw your way.  Our tough, but attractive, polyurethane grip tight finish provides an almost indestructible barrier of protection for nearly any surface or object to which its applied.

CUSTOM spray on truck bed liner COLORS

CUSTOM spray on truck bed liner COLORS

Fleet/Custom Applications

A vehicle protected with Bullet Liner spray on truck bed liner stays on the road longer.  Our advanced technology spray-on polyurea protectant guards vehicles and cargo from costly damage, while also providing important safety benefits.  Turns, hills and quick stops can all lead to dangerous cargo shifting, which can cause skids and potential accidents, increasing the potential for operator injury.  At the least, this can potentially damage important cargo.  Having a non-slip footing during loading and unloading is essential – and big rig flooring coated with Bullet Liner helps to improve overall safety and avoid accidents from falls by work crew.

Spray on truck BED LINER REPAIRS

Spray on truck BED LINER REPAIRS

Vehicle Damage Repair

It doesn’t matter how you use your truck.  Bullet Liner spray on truck bed liner is always a great investment.  It’s great for hauling tack for horses, lumber, tools and gear for a contracting job, off-roading in tough terrain or just because it gives your truck a real cool look.  Bullet Liner can help your truck ride quieter, it provides superior protection against stains from many harsh chemicals, rust and other corrosive damage and it prevents most dings and mitigates dents.